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We sell foreclosures and... well, foreclosures.  We don't do short sales and we don't sell consumer properties.  Rest assured that we are focusing 100% of our energy on selling your REO property. 

Prodigy understands what it takes and how to work through the challenges that come with selling foreclosed properties.  Whether you're an outsourcer, government entity, large bank, institutional investor, hedge fund manager or a local savings and loan we will properly prepare and market your property to obtain the highest price in the shortest amount of time.

We guarantee no one will do a better job when it comes to selling your owned asset.

We have been specializing in distressed real estate since 1997 and are intimately familiar with the entire foreclosure process, from the initial compliant filed by your attorney to the execution of the writ of possession with the sheriff to the valuation to the closing table and everything in between.

We carry an inventory of 150 plus foreclosure listings of which 50% are under contract at any given time.  We cover the entire state of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Please contact us for further information of for an extensive list of client referrals which includes attorneys, bank presidents and asset managers.



Licensed in Ohio and Kentucky
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